Julia Rosen and Josh Holmes perform in the Portland band No One of Consequence. Blue heron video

The sounds of a guitar wobbling with expertly manipulated pedal work is contagious in itself. But it’s only when paired with eccentricly beautiful vocal talent that it truly becomes something special. In this category of “something special”, we discover the first album of the Portland group No One of Consequence, Credible dream.

The album kicks off with an absolute jam in the title track, “Believable Dream”. The guitar, played by singer Julia Rosen and her husband, Josh Holmes, is a standout feature that helps set the tone for the entire album. But it’s Julia’s voice that makes you anticipate each song. She has a sound reminiscent of the calming voice of an artist like Natalie Merchant. The intriguing interaction between the husband and wife duo sometimes plays out as a duet with Josh’s guitar and Julia’s voice. But No One of Consequence is by no means just a duet – Ben Dahmes (from Roselit Bone and Mouth Painter) on drums and Chris Marshall on bass deserve to be recognized for what they bring to complement the sound of the guitar. disk. It is this collective sound that takes several machinations ranging from blues, folk to full sound while maintaining a musical essence of their own.

This guitar work takes center stage in the track “Factual Sky”. Here we have four minutes and sixteen seconds of pure bluesy rock guitar tearing through the tunes like a festival jam session, but far less forgiving. This continuous riff is accompanied by the rest of the band, adding a more twangy element giving the track its more earth-red country aesthetic. The song is performed with such beautiful execution that it is almost impossible not to get lost in the sonic dream landscape.

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A song like “Paper Thin” works in a very different way. The band slows things down for this ballad as Rosen takes our hearts and souls on a journey with relatively devastating lyrics. The song goes straight to the heart of the matter with lyrical poetry: “With my proud heart and tender skin, I am very thin. The type of vulnerability displayed in this song contrasts with its honesty. He sits with you.

The album’s musical saga continues with the alternate country sounds of “In the Shadows”. It’s a song with defined swagger once again pushed forward by a jagged guitar. It’s a longer song – almost eight minutes – and takes that first minute just to get started. But when it does, you immediately know it was worth the wait as it only cuts through that wall of the hushed intro with a heckled instrumental roar before Julia’s voice comes in and balances. the whole thing. The song effortlessly goes through several tempo changes without ever losing momentum, making it feel like an almost eight minute long song.

Credible dream is an album with an interesting range of genre influences, each expertly executed without ever being particularly redefined. It works for this album because it showcases their undoubted talent in instrumentation and songwriting. It’s the type of first album that is an absolute joy to experience and lets you anticipate what they will do next. The bluesy country instrumental elements are bursting with jubilation, but it’s singer Rosen’s voice that really sticks with you. We feel it through the pain felt in his voice and contained in the lyrics. These ingredients from the good old days, and the deeper moments of reflection and confession, leave you with an album that has serious potential to touch and touch any lover of good music.


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